1406 M5 Road
Larned, KS 67550

​​ pchs@pawneehumane.com

Shelter Hours:
M-F  12-2pm
Tues.  6-8pm
Sat.  1-4pm

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

Pawnee County Humane Society Inc
PCHS Board Meetings
1st Thursday of every month

PCHS General Meetings
3rd Thursday of every month

6pm at the Shelter

Win $5,000 cash during our June cash give away!  We are only selling 500 tickets, so get yours before they're gone.  $250 will be given away each day from June 1 - 27th, $500 on June 28, $750 on June 29 and $5,000 on June 30!  Winning tickets will be put back in the drawing, so you can win more than once!  Tickets are $50.  Call Reva at 620-804-1730, June at 620-285-1136 or Chasitty at 620-285-9387.  100% of proceeds go to help the homeless and lost pets of Pawnee County. 

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PCHS has been given an awesome opportunity for community members to help the homeless animals in Pawnee County through long term investing.  An Endowment Fund has been established with the Golden Belt Community Foundation by Kathleen Foster, with a challenge for others.  Please click on the link below to read the press release.


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​We're looking for a temporary, part-time volunteer coordinator.  Main duties will be recruiting volunteers for animal care at the shelter, as well as making out the weekly shelter animal care schedule.  See the volunteer page for more information.