1406 M5 Road
Larned, KS 67550

​​ pchs@pawneehumane.com

Shelter Hours:
M-F  12-2pm
Tues.  6-8pm
Sat.  1-4pm

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Pawnee County Humane Society Inc
PCHS Board Meetings
1st Thursday of every month

PCHS General Meetings
3rd Thursday of every month

6pm at the Shelter

Congratulations to our June Cash Give Away winners!

Congratulations to Neil Meckfessel, our $5,000 winner!!
​Our $750 winner is Gaile Fussell!
​Our $500 winner is Nathan Barker!

​​Week 4 - $250 each:
​Jane Zook, Don Schoonover, Angela Burcham, Jeremy Woods, Beth Millan, Lynn Mead, Brenda Reed

​​Week 3 - $250 each:
Betsy Crawford-Gore, Lynn Ryan, Penny Riedel, Decky Makings, ​Laurie Josefiak, John Converse, Bobi Cross

​​Week 2 - $250 each:
​Ben Ramsey, Cornerstone Automotive, Kyle Beckwith, Donalda Parker, Larry Miller, Amanda Zink, Stanley Mairungi

W​​eek 1 - $250 each:
​​Larry Carr​​, Kathy Weaver, Lyz Jackson, ​Donna Morgan, ​Robyn Hall, ​Jim

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​We're looking for a temporary, part-time volunteer coordinator.  Main duties will be recruiting volunteers for animal care at the shelter, as well as making out the weekly shelter animal care schedule.  See the volunteer page for more information.