Our Story
     ​In 2005, a group of concerned citizens recognized that Larned, like many communities across the country, had a
     ​problem with pet homelessness. Stays brought to the Larned City Pound were euthanized after three days if not
     ​claimed by their owners, or had no owner to claim them. In many cases, these were healthy, adoptable animals that
     ​only needed a safe, caring place to stay until they could be placed in new homes. After several meetings to discuss
     ​the problem and explore options, the Pawnee County Humane Society (PCHS) was established as a steering committee
     ​under the City of Larned.

     The first priority in those early days was to decrease the euthanization of these unclaimed pets. Not an easy task
     ​without a facility from which to operate! We were able to successfully help hundreds of animals over the years by
     ​establishing a network of volunteer foster homes. Caring individuals opened their homes, and their hearts, to these
     ​animals, which gave us time to find them homes. As awareness of our efforts grew, PCHS also began helping with
     ​animals from Pawnee County.

     In 2008 we were incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 charity and in August of 2011 we opened our new Animal
     ​Shelter at the corner of 8th Street and Hwy 264.

     Our success is due to the countless hours put in by our many volunteers who truly want to make life little better for
     ​​the homeless pets in Pawnee County. Also, thanks to the support of our local Veterinary Clinics the homeless pets are
     ​spayed, neutered, and living healthier lives.

                                  The homeless pets of Larned and Pawnee County thank you!
Board of Directors


Our Mission

     ​The Mission of Pawnee County Humane Society, Inc. is to prevent suffering, neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals
     ​through community awareness and education, promoting responsible pet ownership and ending the euthanasia of    
      ​healthy, adoptable animals in Pawnee County, Kansas.

     ​To accomplish our mission, we strive to reach the following goals:

     ​​To provide a safe and nurturing environment for homeless, neglected and abandoned pets during times of transition
     ​​and ​rehabilitation.

​​     To reduce the number of animals relinquished by their owners through early intervention and education.

​​     To address the overpopulation issue by providing community wide spay/neuter education and assistance.

​​     To foster a community wide mind-set geared toward eliminating the euthanasia of healthy animals in our community.

​​     To lobby for adequate and enforceable local animal cruelty and neglect laws.

​​     To advocate for the prosecution and subsequent punishment of individuals charged with animal cruelty and neglect.
1406 M5 Road Larned, KS 67550   620-285-8510   PCHS@pawneehumane.com   M-F 12-2pm, Tues 6-8pm, Sat 1-4pm
Reva Preeo - President

June Loomis - Treasurer

William Buller - Member at Large

Chasitty Solko - Member at Large

Claudia Holmstrom - Member at Large​​​​​​​​
Celeste Dixon - Vice President

Toni Hartman - Secretery

Debbie Steinert - Member at Large

Terri Barton - Member at Large

Tom Holmstrom - Member at Large
Dr. Micheal Burdett, DVM - Ex Officio
Dr. Christina Frick, DVM - Ex Officio​